What we do

We aim to build a better world of work through developing leaders, building social capital in teams and raising awareness of conscious business approaches.

Liberate game changing leadership, team and organisational potential

Grow employees to thrive through chaos

Build purpose as a core dirver of business strategy

Convene and activate the collective human imaginations of your people


33 Emeralds is a Master Partner for The GC Index in South Africa. Much of our work is underpinned by this measurement tool that identifies and builds game changing potential and teams. We also accredit practitioners locally to use the instrument to leverage innovative impact and design solutions for their clients.

We are Lego Serious Play accredited and draw on this method to faciliate sessions in uniquely creative workshops with our clients. We have also abridged other Lego techniques for experiential application in the workplace. Together, these tools work magic.

Don’t take our word for it, read about what clients have to say about working with us here.

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