Greater than this moment

What are you challenging in the world? What do you want to change?

Regular HBR & Forbes contributor Dorie Clark believes that the responsibility of our age is to use the tools now at our at disposal to have a defined impact on the world, no matter how small. In place of learning to gather dust, or to ‘stay up to speed’, we can cultivate a questioning mindset to discover and define a niche, build a professional network, garner a following, get heard. Standing for something larger than ourselves, something greater than the way we feel in this particular moment of life, in this relationship or workspace, makes us rise above the chaos and transience in our midst.

Where to start? Think about what your values are, write them down, interrogate their coherence with your actions and your context. What makes sense for you? What does not? Values are not hereditary, as Alvaro González-Alordanotes tells us.

“The best ideas don’t stay tied to their creators forever, they go out into the world and make a difference because people make them their own.”


Published by Gaylin Jee

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