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Where does the motivation to run these sessions come from?

A large number of human beings cannot find the opportunities they seek. These are young people struggling to enter the workforce as well as those in transition. We have done a fair amount of work assisting others to clarify what they want and then to showcase it online, using social media we have at our disposal, which is most often free. We can pass on these skills to people whose lives might change because of it.

What will we do in session?

Saturday morning workshops will aim to open minds and build awareness of the importance of a digital presence and engagement. We are focused here on building a professional presence which secures professional outcomes, whatever form ‘work’ takes for the people who attend. We will concentrate on LinkedIn in these sessions, as we must start somewhere and this is a really good place, and we will work live in session to polish up and put a ‘best foot’ forward.

We will also try to seed thinking around a wider impact – for the people around us and for the world at large.

Who can attend?

Anyone really, but mostly we want to provide assistance for those who are economically or professionally marginalised. The workshops are free for people who are not employed or who are financially challenged, also for students. Preference is given to people who show a desire to do and be more in the world.

Ideally the participants should have a device that they can work on, and a basic LinkedIn profile.

Longer term vision?

We have so many ideas here – but the focus is on impacting more people and really expanding the outcomes of the work.

Many small actions make bigger change. What ideas do you have? Would you like to be involved? To facilitate a session? Host one? Sponsor it? Let us know!

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