Order your GC Index®

Individuals: Take the GCIndex® 

Place your order below. You will be sent a link to complete The GC Index®, a 59 item online questionnaire. Your GC Index® Personal Profile Report is generated within a day. Book your 1-hour feedback session with an accredited GCologist. Together you will make sense of the results, which cover: 

  • having the greatest impact in an organisation
  • approach to leadership
  • creativity and innovation
  • engaging and influencing
  • getting things done
  • thriving rather than just surviving in an organisation
  • your power in teamwork.

Fee: R1875 for the link and the feedback session, booked at our offices in Kyalami.  


Drive performance, achieve transformation and innovation goals, solve business challenges, teambuild. For more information about how we are applying GC Index globally, schedule a chat with us below.


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