“There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it.” – Simon Sinek.

Let’s move the energy and vigour from our innovation hubs into what we do every day. Let’s innovate, as usual.

At 33 Emeralds we push comfort boundaries with new thinking and sometimes radical tools. We do this with respect, maturity and awareness.

Our innovation Index, The Game Changer Index, assesses and builds innovation potential in teams, and identifies Game Changing Talent. Combining the GC Index and Lego Serious Play facilitation in our work secures new insight and engenders alignment and concrete action.  The results of our work are humans and teams inspired and set-up to change the game.

Contact us to chat through how we can work with you. We run short and long programmes to shift the dial on your business challenges and desires.

Our work is heavily influenced by these people:

·       Adam Grant: Originals

·       Dorie Clark: Stand Out – Find your breakthrough idea and build a following

·       Clay Christensen: Innovators DNA

·       Carol Dweck: Growth Mindsets

·       Lorenzo Fioramonti: The Wellbeing Economy

·       Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, FLOW 

 ·       Polly LaBarre: Mavericks at Work

·       Simon Sinek: Start with Why

·       Seth Godin: We are all Weird

·       Ray Dalio: Principles

·       Naval Ravikant

·       Salim Ismail: Exponential Organisations

·       Whitney Johnson: Disrupt yourself

·       Warren Berger: A more beautiful question: power of enquiry to spark breakthrough ideas