Think Again

Are you interested in finding out what you don’t know? According to organisational psychologist and Wharton professor Adam Grant, you should be.   When presented with someone else’s argument, we are very good at spotting weaknesses. But the positions we are blind about, are our own, says Grant. There is nothing like our inner dictatorContinue reading “Think Again”

Covid-19 Responses: #CaretoAct 3

Post number 3 – already! More stories are emerging that tell of the power struggles over resources amassed and centralised for Covid-19 relief. Sometimes the help needed does not come. Shining a light on ‘non-centralised’ ways of providing tangible and effective relief seems super important right now. Thanks to Talent Talks, we have a channelContinue reading “Covid-19 Responses: #CaretoAct 3”

Care to Act? Post 2 in the Covid-19 response posts

This is the second post in the Care To Act series. Read the call to action in the first post for more background. Covid19 has shone a bright light upon the uglier parts of what we accepted as ‘normal’. With the country starting to move through the lockdown stages, the challenge for businesses will beContinue reading “Care to Act? Post 2 in the Covid-19 response posts”