GC Index®

The GC Index® drives business performance as well as the achievement of innovation and transformation goals. It profiles preferred contribution in role, and tells us where our gaps are in teams required to drive game changing outputs. Designed to build on strengths (think of the concept of FLOW at work), rather than fit square pegs into round holes, The GC Index® is the first instrument to identify game changing talent. It is also completely outputs-based, meaning we shift focus from more traditional ‘ways of being in the world’, to ways of actually getting things done. We can use The GC Index® across an entire organisation, it brings the value of being scalable, thus assisting us to embed innovation-as-usual and safe-to-fail cultures. What is not to like about this groundbreaking new organometric? 


Developed by Dr John Mervyn-Smith & Dr Adrian Furnham on the back of research into Game Changing Teams, the 59-item online questionnaire takes only 10-15 minutes to complete. Within a day a Personal Profile Report is produced for each person. We then schedule your Personal Feedback Session, always delivered by a GCologist (the term used to describe someone who has been trained to interpret results and is accredited to work with the instrument). Feedback can also be delivered in a group session.

The instrument is excellent for underpinning individual and team coaching and development solutions. It works very well as a method for engaging teams and enabling them to have impact within the business. But it is also a powerful lever for focusing on concrete and pressing challenges, and getting teams to solution those, carrying their insights and learning back into the business.

The GC Index measures, recognises and builds a diversity of contribution to innovation and transformation. In this exponential age, that’s a very nice advantage.

Organisations already using GC Index globally: GCI Clients Sept 17

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