Are you in good shape? #futureskills #futurethinking

Embracing and leveraging a future that looks little like today is held somewhere in the way you think. Vast and constant change presents a steady flow of new opportunity.
Why don’t you to try to shape a future that changes the game?

What do you expect from disruption?

There’s plenty of chat about how vulnerable the financial services sector is to being significantly disrupted. From a consumer (human) perspective, we are coming to expect a lot more than good service and competitive offerings from our financial services partners. By good service we include attentive, quick, personalized, easy and cheap to access (no waitingContinue reading “What do you expect from disruption?”

From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in

I think we need a shift in lens. The change we see (and drive) in the world generates a constant stream of opportunity to be explored. When we are paranoid, we are defensive, which makes us operate by old rules, ‘close in and protect’. If we lift ourselves away from paranoid, we have the spaceContinue reading “From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in”

Digital li(f)e craft

‘we are a culture that conflates happiness and success’ A new craft has emerged in the digital age: to capture, polish and publish a perfect life. We crop, recolour and hashtag our posts to embellish them, and to direct the impressions our readers take from them. Chompoo Baritone recently created a clever set of posts.Continue reading “Digital li(f)e craft”

Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice

In previous blogs I’ve posted about the skills we need for a prosperous digital present and future, and the ones that are likely to be in short supply. I’ve been asking the question of how we drive our own value propositions over time, one, because there is more choice and focus if we do itContinue reading “Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice”

To be or not to be – the real digital leadership question

An authentic self is what we seek to articulate across our social media platforms. That establishes our presence, and presence is a precursor to influence. Influence is the new currency online. However when we share what we believe in and what we endorse, we take a risk. There are unprecedented levels of social self promotion takingContinue reading “To be or not to be – the real digital leadership question”

A value proposition for the future

What’s your value proposition for the future? I have a few questions to reflect on. Here’s the context.  More than a few individuals and businesses are ‘doing’ social media, seemingly because everyone else is doing it.  There is a mix of urge, rush, relish and reticence to be present, present on platforms that are fast-growingContinue reading “A value proposition for the future”

In your Pocket

How about a job with flexible hours and unlimited vacation? One that promises ‘your ideal computer setup’, 50% credit towards your purchase of any mobile devices, ergonomic desk setup, wireless stipend, catered lunches and lots of free snacks and drinks.  That’s in addition to 100% Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage, 50% spouse/dependents, and other benefits.Continue reading “In your Pocket”

Superman is dead, and other thoughts on leadership

What do these words describe?   Sense-making, visioning, inventing, relating. It’s the MIT Sloan 4 Capabilities Leadership Framework. How many leadership development programmes have a mainframe like this, how many leaders in organisations are developing these critical – some might say ethereal –  components of leadership?  I can think of a few leadership pointers thatContinue reading “Superman is dead, and other thoughts on leadership”

The Social Leader

In Why Being Social Makes You a Better Leader, Geil Browning talks about a new era of leadership where relationships and social connectivity matter more than ever before for powerful leadership. Agree? She says a social, relational approach is going to take you places, and that’s characterised by: intuitive thinking care for how decisions affect people orientationContinue reading “The Social Leader”