What they say

“I participated in a Saturday Lego Serious Play workshop and have tried to live by / honour the sense of purpose, engagement and action that I experienced that day. My life has become more meaningful and purpose-driven within the themes and ideas that spoke to me on that day. For that I will be eternally grateful…. p.s. my phone screenshot (aka daily reminder) has been my lego work for the last year – just to keep me motivated and reminder to be serious about my fun and purpose.” Graduate Manager, Legal Firm

“Thank you for an excellent and insightful session Gaylin. Much appreciated. Some good actions already emerging.”
Business Consultant

“Thank you for seeing me Gaylin. You have given me great insight and tools on how to manage this new phase in my life.”
Sian Watt, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Talent Brand

  • “It was great to see you in action last Friday! Good insights and foresight!
  • It is an honour and privilege to work with you
  • It was a wonderful way to trigger delegates’ insights
  • It also allows them to assess their own levels of creativity/innovation and their understanding of the future of their units/organisation/business;
  • You pushed them respectfully to unlock their minds so that they can unlock themselves from the status quo (or the past);
  • The exercise allowed the participants to share information about their current business and their preferred future;
  • The discussion brought the delegates into the same space and helped them to be on the same page.

Prof. Rasoava Rijamampianina (Lego Serious Play Session Gaylin delivered as part of an Executive Education Programme for a South African Business School)

“I have just undertaken the GCIndex & what an insightful session. When change is imminent (as it always is these days), holding up a mirror to “The Strategist, Implementer, Game Changer, Polisher & The Play Maker,” truly has helped guide me through murky self-doubt! – Stanford de Jong, Trimble Land Administration”

“Thanks Gaylin. It was a great session yesterday. – Jo Watt, Managing Director, Talent Brand”

@GaylinJee thank you for a great Lego Serious Play session yesterday for Resolve @IMMIX resulting in alignment & great insight. – Nikki Isherwood, Sales & Marketing Director at Resolve Immix”

“Thought provoking meeting, how are you making a difference in your small circles? I have been that person who supports my friends & family business & talents now I understand my purpose better. Ready to make that purpose meaningful. Thanks to Gaylin Jee. – Phumzile Dlamini, Communication, Marketing and Brand Manager, AT(SA)”

“On behalf of the Talent Talks team, a big thank you for our Linked-in Twitter clinic this morning.  It was really helpful, simple to follow and … ‘a big wake up’. – Sue De Waal, Director, Talent Talks Africa.”

Delightfully insightful session. Thanks for facilitating and sharing your experiences.

“So much more clarity on where to focus going forwards, thanks again for an incredible assessment.” (GC Index) 

“Great, thank you. It (our GC Index feedback session) was really informative and enlightening. One can only grow from self awareness.”

“Awesome!  Thank you so much for the insightful feedback session.  I really got some insights from our discussion.  I was actually thinking how I am going to translate the new discovery into my business processes and interacting with my clients.  I have some thoughts in this regard.  Thank you once again.”

“The GC Index has had visible influence in my approach to this new role – firstly the firm decided to downsize this year and I was retained because I started acting on things I felt needed improvement. I’m not limited in my approaches to completing tasks and I’m implementing a lot of change in systems I feel aren’t productive.”

“I need to come visit you soon – you always inspire and encourage me to look at things differently, I really felt refreshed from our last session. As if you switched on the reset button.”

I love your energy. So amazing to see you.

It was a privilege to host your session and thanx for the food for thought.

‘Thank you so much for today, you are opening my mind and eyes.’

‘RT @IPM4PEOPLE: @GaylinJee‘s input is both challenging and interactive: Who are the game changers in your organisation? #IPMACE2016’

‘Did you attend @GaylinJee session#IPMACE2016? What were your thoughts? “Very thought provoking” & “very insightful” are 5 words we’d use!’

‘Thank you @GaylinJee for inspiring this (me) #GameChanger#IPMACE2016′

‘Thanks so much for your time, insights, inputs and guidance yesterday , I find it very inspiring and energising spending time with you.’

‘Thank you Gaylin – for the most enlightening 3.5 hours. I am in awe of what you know and how you share what you know, I am supremely grateful for opening my eyes to endless possibilities.’

‘Gaylin provided immense insight and strategic thinking in assisting me with my professional profiling. Not only was she able to distill the core messaging for a variety of audiences in her work with me, she was creative and business-focused at the same time. I would highly recommend Gaylin for her professionalism, insightful and creative writing as well as her strategic and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the best platforms for effective networking on line.’

‘Gaylin has a real client-focused interest to her work, helped me on a number of occasions with access to information, contacts and insights and generally really helped me get a leg up in some complex and crucial areas.’

‘Great to see you again yesterday. I found the session very helpful, and let’s continue the dialogue.’