The GC Index®

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Assess innovation potential

The GC Index® is a 59-item, strengths-based measurement tool. It offers individual, team and organisation views.

When to use the GC Index®?

  • Leadership and team development
  • Build individual influence and impact – at all levels
  • Assess the innovation potential of teams
  • Build teams for breakthrough transformation
  • Seed ‘safe to fail’ cultures
  • Embed a common, inclusive and impact- based language of innovation across work contexts
  • Drive performance and solve real business challenges
  • Recognise and enable diverse contributions for FLOW at work –  essential for innovative futures.

Download the full GCI Value Proposition 2019 June.


Assessment, report and feedback session covering: leadership, engaging and influencing, contribution to creativity and innovation, who to surround yourself with, and how to focus your energy to thrive rather than just get by.


Team profiling and groupwork to get teams working better together and delivering  results, in line with their core strengths. Drive more innovative impact.


Add the GC Index into your solutions for individuals and teams, more about that here.