The GC Index®

Businesses globally are re-imagining and reinventing the future. They realise that Game Changing potential matters most in their organisations right now.

For the first time, a scientific measure intelligently builds teams and organisations for shift.

What is The GC Index®?

  • a next-gen scientific measure of game changing potential
  • provides a radical re-think of the talent we need for future success
  • statistically reliable, scalable from individual to divisions and entire organisations
  • talks the language of impact and change
  • levels the playing field – there are no perfect profiles, leaders or teams
  • enables a diversity of contribution.

Download the full GCI Value Proposition

For individuals: Discover the role you play in your future – lead, engage, influence, create, best fit for role and organisation

For teams: Build social capital, deliver innovative and purposeful results for your business

Organisations: Activate game changing potential so that you can explore and be inspired by viable future prosperity and growth.

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