The best cure for depression, is action.

Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia


Here is a list of people doing inspiring things during Covid-19. Raise your awareness, share their work, support it. You choose your action.

Real Heroes Connect

Real Heroes Connect is a campaign that makes it easier for companies to play a part in Covid19 education and prevention. Find and follow their informative Twitter feed: @heroes_connect


Real Heroes Connect educates employees on #Covd19, protecting against spread and helping to prevent closure of operations. The Health and Welfare SETA, in partnership with Talent Brand, has designed a series of animated educational videos providing reliable, accurate information that is accessible to employees in English, Afrikaans, isiZulu and Setswana. Also addressed are social distancing, when to self-isolate, how and when to get tested. Videos are available in static format for communal broadcast, and employees can also watch them data free on mobiles devices by SMS’ing HERO or your company name to 30864. There is a daily draw to earn airtime too, as an incentive to watch the videos and thus increase their reach.

Download the free Covid-19 Employer Toolbox to support your existing campaigns. There is even the option to customise the artwork with your company name.

The Viva Foundation

The Viva Foundation’s strategy is to address community needs through secure hubs in informal settlements. With lockdown in place and schools closing, 272 families are now on their list of beneficiaries (approx. 1 000 individuals). In the face of increasing numbers of hungry people, Viva is starting to make more parcels available, including to students who would otherwise be eating at least one meal a day at institutions that are now closed. If you would like to support their work, do so here.

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Food Forward

Established in 2009 to address widespread hunger in South Africa, FoodForward SA connects a world of excess to a world of need by recovering quality edible surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain and distributing it to community organisations that serve the poor. More than 80% of the food recovered is nutritious food.

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The Lunchbox Fund

Their COVID-19 Relief Feeding Program reaches starving families during lockdown. R400 provides a box of provisions to feed a family of four for 31 days. They already have local networks in place, as they maintain consistent yearly nutrition programs across South Africa. Their ‘Hunger Heat Maps’ indicate children’s vulnerability to hunger and food insecurity and assist with tracking where in-school feeding will have the most impact.


The Makers Valley Partnership

Supports entrepreneurs and small businesses, aligned to Well Being Economy principles. Makers Valley is a neighbourhood to the east of the Jozi CBD, stretching from New Doornfontein to Bez Valley. The name Makers Valley comes from the many creative entrepreneurs in the area, the artists, artisans, urban gardeners, carpenters, shoemakers, metal and woodworkers, clothing designers and more. Progressive entrepreneurs and organisations mobilising locally are recognised for their potential to help propel systemic change within a Wellbeing Economy framework. The evolving community culture builds on versions of the ‘Makers Movement or Revolution’, which encourages creativity, sharing, giving, learning, participation, mutual support and positive change.

Around 45 thousand people live in the valley, and many of them are currently out of work. The Makers Valley Partnership partners with local spaza shops to provide food parcels via a voucher system. On-the-ground community liaison is essential for this work. here is their website: You could also give their Twitter account a boost:


Please tweet your ideas to @gaylinjee using the #CareToAct hastag. Let’s shine a light on de-centalised networks that channel resource to where it is needed most.