LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an immersive facilitation technique for engaging, unlocking thinking and generating out-of-the-box results with individuals, teams, and groups. 

The core process is to pose a question, construct a model, share the model and reflect. Create time and space to think, create, communicate, solve, plan, vision, and align. We can design and deliver a workshop for you.

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Lego Serious Play

WE UNLOCK NEW THINKING: Lego bricks serve as metaphors providing rich descriptions of our realities, allowing us to tap our human ability to imagine and to make sense of complex issues. The models in a Lego session form the basis for group debate, knowledge sharing and problem-solving. The process breaks habitual thinking by surfacing underlying and often surprising patterns and assumptions. Assumptions are challenged and new possibilities are revealed. 

EVERYONE LEANS IN: In our hybrid world, face-to-face time is scarce and valued. In most meetings, only 20% of people actively engage and contribute. The LEGO® Serious Play® method is designed to ensure everyone ‘leans in’, offering 100% participation. Participants use their own words to tell their own story.

WE ALIGN AND MOVE FORWARD: To intentionally transform activity, we need to understand more of what each person is thinking, explore unknowns, make new meaning, align insights and build new futures. LEGO® Serious Play® provides a language that connects within and between brains, unlocking the knowledge of the system and collating it into practical ways forward.

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