LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an immersive facilitation technique for engaging, unlocking thinking and generating out-of-the-box results with individuals, teams and groups. 

The core process is to pose a question, construct a model, share the model and reflect.

We work with the application techniques of building indivdiual models and stories, and building shared models and stories.


  • We live and work in a busier world. Competition for attention is high. With the increased presence of digital platforms, our face-to-face time together is more limited and more important. In most meetings, only 20% of people actively engage and contribute.
  • And yet, to innovate and transform businesses, we need to activate a diverse range of contributions. 
  • The Lego Serious Play method is designed to ensure everyone ‘leans in’, offering 100% participation. Participants use their own words to tell their own story.


  • Lego bricks serve as metaphors. Metaphors provide rich descriptions of our realities, allowing us to tap our human ability to imagine and to make sense of complex issues. 
  • The models we build in a Lego session form the basis for group debate, knowledge sharing and problem solving.
  • The process breaks habitual thinking by surfacing underlying and often surprising patterns and assumptions. Assumptions are challenged and new possibilities are revealed. 


  • To intentionally transform activity, we need to understand more of what each person is thinking, explore unknowns, make new meaning, align insights and build new futures.
  • Lego provides a language that connects within and between brains, unlocking the knowledge of the system and collating it into practical ways forward.

Create time and space to think, create, communicate, solve, plan, vision, and align. We can design and deliver a workshop for you.

Lego Serious Play
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