Risk-takers, Originals and all of us

By Gaylin Jee “The last time you had an original idea, what did you do with it?” Adam Grant We’re still using yesterday’s models and hoping they will solve tomorrow’s challenges. That’s not impossible, but it will become increasingly unrewarding. The proposed and impending World Economic Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is set to radically shiftContinue reading “Risk-takers, Originals and all of us”

From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in

I think we need a shift in lens. The change we see (and drive) in the world generates a constant stream of opportunity to be explored. When we are paranoid, we are defensive, which makes us operate by old rules, ‘close in and protect’. If we lift ourselves away from paranoid, we have the spaceContinue reading “From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in”