Tech skills lay foundation. Social and emotional skills in high demand.

Through all the change and remoteness of recent times, we have all had to rethink how we model work out and engage employees. And a good year down the line, it has become more obvious to me. The companies faring better, from my direct experience, seem to be investing heavily in the ‘soft stuff’, and acknolwedlging that tech skills are just a base. As you will read below: “specialised capabilities need to be complimented by strong social, creative and collaboration skills.“

Power as autonomy in the digital age

We are perhaps most familiar with a conceptualisation of power as influence, one of two types of power investigated in a 2016 study reported in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The power of influence expresses a desire to control others. It can also involve taking responsibility for others. A second type of power, power as autonomy,has little to doContinue reading “Power as autonomy in the digital age”

From zero to one

It is easier to copy a model than to create something new. But fine tuning old lines leads to dead ends. The more we compete through ‘match and beat’, the less we gain. The world has never moved this quickly, yet it will never again move this slowly.  Exposure to the unknown will amplify. Machines already performContinue reading “From zero to one”

A clever fusion of cutting-edge tech and deep human respect

South Africa’s expanded unemployment rate has risen from 6m in 2001 to 9.6m in 2018. With these significant unemployment figures looming large, it can be challenging to keep a positive outlook. Until you pay a visit to Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator. Harambee means ‘we win when we pull together’. If you don’t know them, HarambeeContinue reading “A clever fusion of cutting-edge tech and deep human respect”

Getting on with Artificial Intelligence

At the 2017 Robot Art Competition, robotic painters produced paintings like graduating art students, described as ‘aesthetically ambiguous’. The bearded face of a man stares out from one canvas, another depicts human emotion with jagged, gloomy stripes of black and purple. AI is a field of computer science that mimics the natural learning process of theContinue reading “Getting on with Artificial Intelligence”

The power lies with us, the people. Working with 5 tech trends.

By Gaylin Jee  Accenture launched their Technology Vision report earlier this year, which identifies the top IT trends impacting organisations over the next 3 years. The theme of the report is “Technology for people, by People”.  They say this people empowering focus is not just an idea. Rather, it’s a real and purposeful call to action. BecauseContinue reading “The power lies with us, the people. Working with 5 tech trends.”