Are you in good shape? #futureskills #futurethinking

Embracing and leveraging a future that looks little like today is held somewhere in the way you think. Vast and constant change presents a steady flow of new opportunity.
Why don’t you to try to shape a future that changes the game?

From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in

I think we need a shift in lens. The change we see (and drive) in the world generates a constant stream of opportunity to be explored. When we are paranoid, we are defensive, which makes us operate by old rules, ‘close in and protect’. If we lift ourselves away from paranoid, we have the spaceContinue reading “From old to new rules – the space we choose to play in”

Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice

In previous blogs I’ve posted about the skills we need for a prosperous digital present and future, and the ones that are likely to be in short supply. I’ve been asking the question of how we drive our own value propositions over time, one, because there is more choice and focus if we do itContinue reading “Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice”

A value proposition for the future

What’s your value proposition for the future? I have a few questions to reflect on. Here’s the context.  More than a few individuals and businesses are ‘doing’ social media, seemingly because everyone else is doing it.  There is a mix of urge, rush, relish and reticence to be present, present on platforms that are fast-growingContinue reading “A value proposition for the future”