Tech skills lay foundation. Social and emotional skills in high demand.

Through all the change and remoteness of recent times, we have all had to rethink how we model work out and engage employees. And a good year down the line, it has become more obvious to me. The companies faring better, from my direct experience, seem to be investing heavily in the ‘soft stuff’, and acknolwedlging that tech skills are just a base. As you will read below: “specialised capabilities need to be complimented by strong social, creative and collaboration skills.“

Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice

I’ve been asking the question of how we drive our own value propositions over time, one, because there is more choice and focus if we do it for ourselves, and two, because we can, thanks to our context of rapid change and technological advancement. Today I came across an article written about Andrew Ng, whichContinue reading “Follow your passion – the worst piece of career advice”

A value proposition for the future

What’s your value proposition for the future? I have a few questions to reflect on. Here’s the context.  More than a few individuals and businesses are ‘doing’ social media, seemingly because everyone else is doing it.  There is a mix of urge, rush, relish and reticence to be present, present on platforms that are fast-growingContinue reading “A value proposition for the future”