how good are leaders at maintaining inner balance?

Leaders with high IQ are good with numbers and formulas, those with high EQ are good with people and interactions. But how about being good at maintaining inner balance?

Are you tranquil in spite of your workload?

How stable are you in upsetting situations?

How easily do you spot virtues in others instead of defects?

How clean are the games you play?

How much respect and dignity do you accord to others?

These questions are a quick assessment of your spiritual intelligence – SQ – an intelligence that it is critical for leaders. Zohar and Marshall provided this frame for a deep knowing that can change the world, also called transformative intelligence (a word that some prefer to spiritual, given its potential to be confused with religion). SQ makes us question what we do, and drives us to seek fundamentally better ways.

There are 12 principles* of spiritual intelligence, phrased into a series of statements here to enable leaders to dig a little deeper in their own reflective practice.

  1. I know what motivates me and what I believe in (self aware)
  2. I live and can respond in the moment (spontaneity)
  3. I live and act according to my beliefs (vision and value-led)
  4. I can see how things are all connected, I have a sense of belonging (holism)
  5. I bring empathy (compassion)
  6. I value differences (celebrate diversity)
  7. I stand out from the crowd (field independence)
  8. I have a sense of my place in the larger world (humility)
  9. I ask why (getting to the bottom of things)
  10. I stand back from situations or problems to appreciate the wider context (reframe)
  11. I learn and grow from mistakes and setbacks (positive use of adversity)
  12. I feel called upon to serve, to give something back (sense of vocation)

Which ones are becoming more salient for you?

What are we missing most in our workplaces?

How would higher levels of SQ change the world we live in?

Interested, as always, in your comments.

* 12 principles taken from Zohar, D., SQ: Connecting with Our Spiritual Intelligence, London: Bloomsbury (paperback 2000), ISBN1-58234-044-7

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