Meta – lessons from an unknowable year

My big insights from the past 12 months or so.

  • Comfort with ‘not knowing’ is a gift. It opens your awareness to all that is and could be.
  • There is a human in every person. Be the human in each interaction.
  • Investing in relationships produces compound interest. Get clear about the relationships that will matter today and in the future.
  • Pause, think, breathe, walk. Take cold showers or swims.
  • Don’t spend too much time away from the natural elements – grass, paths, trees, birds, the moon or the stars in a vast night sky.
  • Our resources are all finite. Personal and planet.
  • Whatever you have, it’s probably more than most people on this planet have.
  • What you have today, you may not have tomorrow. That may make you want to appreciate more, but get attached less.
  • Think less about what you can have, and more about what you can do.
  • Your ego directs you to your best “work”.
  • Do both random and consistent acts of kindness. The effects are truly exponential.

Published by Gaylin Jee

Building a better world through leaders and teams Founder of 33 Emeralds | #TheGCIndex Master Partner SA | #LegoSeriousPlay Facilitator Twitter @gaylinjee

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